k bye

I’m so indecisive, I know. But I’m switching back to Blogger. I tried WordPress for a while…and it was nice…trendy and all. But Blogger feels right. Blogger has been there for me since I started blogging in 2009. So if you (aka probably my sister-in-law and my best friend, Miranda) want to read anymore of … More k bye

Weekend in KS

   This weekend I was in McPherson, KS with my weirdo brother (aka oldest lifetime bff) and my sis-in-law (aka new lifetime bff)! I am making a blogpost because one, the above picture was a surprising gem of us and it was so blog-worthy – just mad that my husband is missing (he had to … More Weekend in KS

4 Suggestions for Kicking Depression & Improving Your Mood

Hi everyone! So…I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while…and I just haven’t put the time aside yet. This is actually a subject I’ve kind of written about before on my old blog when I was coming off of antidepressants. That was well over two years ago now – and since then, I … More 4 Suggestions for Kicking Depression & Improving Your Mood